Ponemos énfasis en la conversación oral y la escucha, un método eficaz para asegurar un buen progreso.

Cursos para prepararse para los exámenes de la Universidad de Cambridge, incluyendo “PET”, “First Certificate”, “Advanced” y “Proficiency”

Clases en grupos pequeños o clases individuales porque son las formas de aprendizaje más eficaz.

Cursos y clases de repaso para los exámenes del sistema inglés –IGCSE en inglés, Matemáticas, Derechos, Economía and Gestión de Empresas

Inglés de negocios , incluyendo “BEC” de Cambridge

El aprendizaje de inglés a todos los niveles y edades


Learn English in northern Tenerife with the 100% English Academy. Here are some reasons why learning English is important for you:

clases de ingles tenerife

Improve your work and job opportunities.

Knowledge of English is always positive whatever your type of work – your chances of getting a job (or a better job) multiplies if you have a good level in English.


aprender ingles tenerife norte Learning English will also help you to understand English speaking cultures and enrich your world understanding, and open your eyes to different ways of doing things.


clases de ingles tenerife norte

Improve your studying opportunities

When you have an Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency level the opportunities to study abroad are multiplied. Not only can you meet the entry requirements for universities, you will quickly integrate into the academic and social life and make your studying abroad and stay a greater success.

aprender ingles mejora la capacidad de aprendizaje


We offer courses for the Cambridge University ESOL exams, from PET through to Proficiency. In addition you can study for the BEC exams (Business English Certificates) as well as ILETS, Legal English and Financial English.

We offer two options – individual classes and small group – designed to ensure that your progress is faster and more certain.

We also offer courses for the IGCSE and the A level exams, especially Economics, Business Studies, English and Mathematics.