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Me or I?

How often have you heard this phrase: “it is me”. Many times even by (incluso por) native English speakers. The “it is me” is wrong. Let´s examine the basics. A sentence structure is normally: subject, verb, direct object, indirect object.   Those are the simple rules. It is not necessary to be a rocket scientist (no […]

Are you an ostrich?

“Ostrich” (avestruz) you may know. It is a bird that has long legs, cannot fly, but can run very fast. Here our focus is on an expression that uses this word. Many politicians have an “ostrich policy” to important issues. This means that they do not want to discuss very important issues – they ignore […]

Chin Chin!

You may know “Chin-Chin” (¡chin-chin!). It is used when you would like to toast (to toast = brindar a alguien) someone or some mortals. So, let´s drink to the health of Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister. Chin-Chin! Chin (el mentón) is a noun. Here our focus is on expressions that use “chin”. Contemplate these: […]

That is beyond my ken

The name “Ken” you may know. It is a shorter versión of the name Kenneth. However, “ken” has other uses.


Have you ever been sailing? Do you sometimes go sailing (hacer vela)?

How art thou? Just chugging along.

Steam trains “chug” (resoplan), and an engine in a car or tractor can chug (traquetear). A chug is a short, dull and perhaps slightly explosive (explosivo) sound that comes from an engine. If you have been to Cologne in Germany, you might have seen barges (barcazas) chugging along the (river) Rhine, and perhaps the same […]