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Are you a dresser?

To dress (vestir) you will know. “Dresser” is a noun and has three uses. Contemplate the following. It can be a piece of furniture that you have in the kitchen (aparador), and some mortals (females) have a dressing-table (tocador) in their bedrooms. Do you work in world of theatre? If you do, you will work […]

Are you a mole?

“Mole” (topo) you may know as the small black animal that digs tunnels under the ground, perhaps under your lawn.

Do not have truck with the Devil.

Truck (camión) you may know. A similar word is lorry. The word “truck” also is a verb and it means to exchange, to barter (trocar) or to deal with (tratar con). This verb goes back many moons, back to the 14th century in England, whereas “truck”, as in wagon for transporting goods, is relatively new. […]

How much was the Porsche? It was bird seed.

Seed (semilla, simiente, grano, pepita) you may know. Perhaps you have seen the phrase “he is the number one seed” (= él es cabeza de serie número uno). In tennis, players are ranked as number one seed, number two seed, etc. Here the focus is on expressions and idioms that use “seed”. Consider these: A […]

Are you a dabbler?

To dabble means to “shake about in liquid”. For example, you may have “dabbled your feet in water or in the sea” (chapoteado con los pies en el mar), perhaps when the sea was cold. The word dabble has another meaning: it means to do something superficially (superficialmente) or in a small way. Here are […]

Me or I?

How often have you heard this phrase: “it is me”. Many times even by (incluso por) native English speakers. The “it is me” is wrong. Let´s examine the basics. A sentence structure is normally: subject, verb, direct object, indirect object.   Those are the simple rules. It is not necessary to be a rocket scientist (no […]