Avoid pompous (ampuloso) phrases

It is stupid and pointless (inútil) to use phrases such as the following:avoid-pompous

  • With regard to your letter, (con respecto a su carta)
  • “At this moment in time” (en este mismo momento)
  • “At the end of the day” (al fin y al cabo)
  • “In the not too distant future” (en un futuro no muy lejano)

Why is it stupid to use them?

The answer is that you are using a lot of words to say something that can be said in few words. Waffle (paja) is a sign of a poor, unthinking (irreflexivo ) speaker or writer.

Paring down your sentences to the minimum number of words (reduciendo las oraciones al minimo) is essential to help your readers and listeners understand you. So, in place of the above phrases, why not use the following?

  • “Your letter says”
  • “Nowadays”
  • “Finally”
  • “Soon”