Are you sometimes blithe significado

Are you sometimes blithe?

“Blithe“ is an adjective and it means unconcerned (despreocupado).…
on the map significado

On the map?

“Map” (plano, mapa) you will know. It is also a verb. Sometimes…
Have you garnered crops verb and a noun

Have you garnered crops?

“Garner” has many meanings. It is a verb and a noun. First…
Significado de second-guess en inglés


To guess (adivinar) you may know. To “second-guess” something…

A botched job?

To botch something is to do a task badly or not to complete a task, a repair or a project. A “botch” is the noun (chapuza).
Come hither

Come hither

Come hither (ven acá) means “come here”. Hither is an adverb. Some…

To La Moncloa in all your finery?

Finery (galas) is a noun, and refers to elegant clothing and other beautiful things such as a natural area or a garden.
Do you know a myrmidon?

Do you know a myrmidon?

Perhaps. The word is similar in Spanish (mirmidón), and it…

How do you fill a void?

A “void” is a type of emptyness (vacío) and we sometimes try to fill a void (…llenar el hueco o vacio).

Has someone cooked your goose?

ose” (ganso) you may know. The plural is “geese”. A roasted goose is a dish that British people have on special occasions such as Christmas.
Have you ever been a mug?

Have you ever been a mug?

I hope not. Sometimes mortals drink tea or coffee from a mug…
Are you sometimes wan?

Are you sometimes wan?

“Wan” (pálido, tenue) is an adjective and it can refer…