Are you dogged?

You have probably been “dogged” in your life.

What is “comorbidity”?

“Comorbidity” refers to a situation where an ill person or hospital patient, who has an exisiting illness

What nettles you?

“Nettle” (ortiga) you may know. There are many types of nettle, and some mortals drink “nettle tea” (té de ortiga) for its health benefits.

An atom of common sense

“Atom” (átomo) you may know. It has figurative (figurativo)…

Are you on the cusp of doing something?

“Cusp” translates as “cúspide” and “umbral”. The word comes from Latin (cuspis).

Do you often chew the cud?

Cows “chew the cud”. The cud (bolo alimentico) is chewed (rumiando) as part of a cow´s eating habits.

Machinations in La Moncloa?

Machinations (maquinaciones) is a plural noun, and usually refers to plotting, scheming, and manipulations


“Boots” (botas) you may know. You may have a pair of boots (un para de botas) for winter walks in Tenerife

Horses for courses

“Horse” (caballo) you know. Here the emphasis is on the idioms that use “horse”

Is it just hype?

“Hype” is a noun and usually refers to exaggerations (exageraciones).