Is everthing ship-shape?

“Ship” (barco, buque) you will probably know. Here the emphasis is on idioms and expressions.

¿Media – singular or plural?

“Media” is a plural word, and the singular is “medium”. Often media is used incorrectly.

“Hovel” or “very dilapidated house”

Good English speakers and writers prefer to use a “rich noun” (sustantivo rico) rather than some adjectives.

What is afoot?

Afoot” has two meanings. It means to walk

Do you snarl?

Dog snarl (gruñen). Lions snarl. And so do mortals.

The onus is upon you

“Onus” is a noun and it is similar to responsibility.


“Flag” (bandera) you will know as that which countries have.

A snake in the grass

Snake you may know (serpiente). There are many dangerous snakes in many countries, and in Parliaments too.

Are you a dresser?

To dress (vestir) you will know. “Dresser” is a noun and…
Are you a mole?

Are you a mole?

“Mole” (topo) you may know as the small black animal that digs tunnels under the ground, perhaps under your lawn.