Do not have truck with the Devil.

Truck (camión) you may know. A similar word is lorry. The…
How much was the porsche? It was a bird seed

How much was the Porsche? It was bird seed.

Seed (semilla, simiente, grano, pepita) you may know. Perhaps…

Are you “up a gum tree”?

“Gum” you may know. It refers to a number of things (encía, goma, pegamento, resina).

Are you a dabbler?

To dabble means to “shake about in liquid”. For example,…

Is Mr. Sanchez going off at half-cock?

“Cock” (gallo) you may know. You probably have a “cockstop” (llave de paso) in your kitchen and bathroom.
Are you in fine feather?

Are you in fine feather?

Feather (pluma) you may know. Here our focus is on idioms (modismos) that use feather.
Do you sometimes seat on a fence?

Do you sometimes sit on the fence?

“Fence” (valla, cerca) you may know. An area can be fenced (zona cercada o vallada).
Are you an ostrich?

Are you an ostrich?

“Ostrich” (avestruz) you may know. It is a bird that has…
Chin Chin

Chin Chin!

You may know “Chin-Chin” (¡chin-chin!). It is used when…
That is beyond my ken

That is beyond my ken

The name “Ken” you may know. It is a shorter versión of the name Kenneth. However, “ken” has other uses.