Is your Rolex genuine?

“Genuine” has a range of meanings. It can mean “authentic” (auténtico) and sincere (sincero y genuino).

Examine these examples in the sense of authentic:

  • Mr. Clavijo wears a genuine Rolex, and he has a genuine Renoir (un Renoir auténtico) hanging in his office in Santa Cruz.
  • His Rolex is not a cheap imitation – it is the genuine article (… no es una imitación barata – es genuino).

Now, some examples meaning sincere:

  • It was a genuine mistake (fue realmente un error).
  • Mrs. May is genuine and caring (…noble y bondadosa).

The adverb is “genuinely”, and here is an example:

  • Alejandro genuinely wants to change (… de verdad quiere cambiar).

Finally, the noun “genuineness” and can refer, for example, to paintings, in the sense of “autenticidad”, feelings (sinceridad) and honesty (nobleza).