«Sorted» or «sorted out»?

It is election time in Great Britain and the political parties are announcing their plans. 

Mr. Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, has said (on 31/10/19) that he wants to get “Brexit sorted” (his words/sus palabras) within 6 months, presumably from February 2020.

In the gangster (gánster) films from the USA the mafia bosses would say: “the problem is sorted”. Perhaps the mafia bosses were not “blessed with a good education” (no fueron bendecidos con una buena educación) so a “problem is sorted”. 

To say that a problem is “sorted” is a serious grammatical error. A problem is “sorted out”, that is resolved (resuelto). If you make such a mistake in the Cambridge University Pet, First, Advanced and Proficiency exams you will lose marks. That is not a good idea.

So, problems could be or will be “sorted out”. 

Perhaps Mr. Corbyn has mafia connections or wants to appeal to (apela a/hace un llamamiento) to those that have such (mafia) connections. Who knows (¿quién sabe?)?