An atom of common sense

“Atom” (átomo) you may know. It has figurative (figurativo) uses too.

Contemplate these:

  • There is not an atom of truth in what Mr. Putin says (…no tiene ni pizca de verdad).
  • Mr. Trump sometimes says something that no one with an atom of common sense would say (…que diría nadie con una pizca de sentido común).
  • If the Spanish Prime Minister had an atom of common sense (…si tuviera una gota de sentido común), he would form (formaría) a coalition with the main parties.
  • Even someone with an atom of common sense would realize (realizaría) that the Venezuelan elections are a fraud.
  • Sometimes, mortals “smash things to atoms” (hacer algo añicos), that is, to break things into very small pieces.