Are you in the loop?

A loop you may know. Sometimes Mr. Sanchez walks a loop (…da una vuelta alrededor…) around his palace, La Moncloa. Or you could say he walks “around the block” (alrededor de la cuadra).

Sometimes, mortals make a loop with a rope. An example: Enrique made a loop with a rope (…hizo un lazo con una cuerda).

Carmelo, the pilot and flight captain, often “makes a loop before landing on the landing strip” (hace un rizo antes de aterrizar).

To “be in the loop” means that you are informed. Consider these:

  • I will keep you in the loop about the Cambridge exam dates (te mantendré acerca de los exámenes…).
  • Mr. Sánchez is not in the loop: Merkel and Macron are taking all the decisions (…Mr. Sánchez esta fuera del grupo informado…)
  • It is important for Mr. Morales to “stay in the loop” (está al tanto/de estar al corriente) about the benefits of Brexit.

So are Mr. Boris Johnson and Mr. Sánchez keeping you in the loop?