“It is him”

There was an article by a well-known (muy conocido) English writer, Tim Stanley in the Daily Telegraph on Friday 13/07/18. The article was about Mr. Trump and his contradictions and judgements.

Mr. Stanley wrote that these aspects of Mr. Trump: “this is him”. Mr. Stanley made a serious mistake with a personal pronoun. The correct form is “this is he”. The sad fact is that British standards with pronouns are sometimes low. If it were the Cambridge Advanced exam, he would have lost marks (notas). Would you say “es le” in Spanish? No.

“Him” is an object pronoun, just as “le” is an object pronoun. “Him” should be used when it is the object of a verb as in: Ricardo gave the book to him. In the same way it is a mistake to say “it is her”: the correct form is “it is she”.