New Year Resolutions?

You will know that it is customary for many mortals to make New Year Resolutions (Buenos propósitos de Año Nuevo). You know the common list: get fit, lose weight, join a gym, improve your English, pass the Cambridge Advanced exam.

Some people “stick to” their resolutions (stick to = seguir fiel a …) or “show resolution” (mostrarse resuelto) while others give up (dejar, renunciar).

Which category do you belong to?

Let´s examine the word “resolution”. Company meetings, conferences and parliaments often “pass a resolution” (toma un acuerdo). This process involves “putting” a resolution to the meeting (sometiendo…).

There is another use of resolution. Examine this sentence:

  • The resolution (solución) to the budget deficit was to raise taxes.

Here “resolution” is similar to the solution for the problem.