Are you sometimes quixotic?

Perhaps. To be quixotic (quijotesco) means to be unrealistic or impractical.

Someone could say that you are a wishful thinker (click here to review an article about wishful).

Here are some examples:

  • Mr. Sánchez`s political aspirations are quixotic at best (…aspiraciones son quijotescas en el mejor de los casos).
  • How quixotic of you! ¡Qué quijotesco de tu parte!
  • Mr. Biden, the President of the United States, has a quixotic attitude to life.

The adverb is “quixotically” (de manera quijotesca o como un quijote). An example:

  • Mr. Putin is behaving quixotically.

So have you sometimes been quixotic and behaved quixotically?