Do you wear the trousers?

“Trousers” (pantalones) you will know. You can wear “shorts” (pantalones cortos), and perhaps when you go to El Corte Inglés you might buy a pair of trousers.

There is a phrase “to wear the trousers”. This is an idiom (modismo) and it is similar in Spanish. It means that you are the boss. Some examples:

– In Mrs. Merkel´s house, it is she who wears the trousers. She is therefore the boss in the household.

– Mr. Sanchez always says: “in Spain I wear the trousers” (en España mando yo).

– In Switzerland (a direct democracy) the people wear the trousers. This means that the people make the decisions via referéndums. So it is a system where the Swiss people wear the trousers (…el pueblo suizo en quien lleva los pantalones).

So, in what context do you wear the trousers?