What do you moot?

“Moot” is a verb and an adjective.

Something can be a “moot point” or a “moot question”. This means that it is debatable (discutible).

So, in the Cambridge exams, the speaking part, you could respond to a discussion point by saying “that is a moot point”. It could also be a polite way to say “I disagree”. A similar phrase might be “that is a matter of conjecture”. Or “that is questionable” (cuestionable).

Now as a verb. Examine these:

  • What do you moot (= what do you opine = ¿qué opina usted?)? This is similar to “what is your point of view? Or what do you suggest?
  • It has been mooted that Mr. Podemos will be the new ambassador to North Korea (…se ha sugerido que…).
  • The question of Mr. Podemos being the next ambassador to North Korea was first mooted in February 2021 (…se discutió la cuestión por primera vez en febrero 2021).

There are also, “moot courts” (tribunales ficticios). An example might be where students practice legal issues.

So, many times in your life you will have mooted things.